Įžeidinėja mus visi, kas netingi

 Jei tai būt amerikonai, numotum žmogus ranka: ko iš jankių norėt. Bet Danija, šalis prie tos pačios Baltijos, sesė iš vieningos Europos šeimos. Ir taip nepadoriai elgiasi su mūsų valstybės vėliava…


Series 2 Episode 7 of 10

Birgitte’s government has run out of steam – the internal differences are growing and only compromise legislation is being passed, which does not really satisfy anyone. Opinion polls indicate that Birgitte is likely to lose the next election. She really needs a popular cause and is therefore very tempted when the businessman Joachim Crohne draws her attention to the central African country of Kharun, on the brink of civil war. Crohne suggests that Birgitte should attempt to broker peace in the conflict, thereby gaining popularity for herself and also helping to restore Denmark’s tarnished reputation after the cartoon crisis.

The eyes of the world are on Copenhagen and chief negotiator Birgitte Nyborg Christensen as the time draws near for peace talks between North and South Kharun to stop the bloody civil war. Everyone is working around the clock.

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(The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, a public service organisation, was founded in 1925, and enjoyed a monopoly on radio and TV broadcasting until 1986. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation is an independent, licence-financed public institution.)

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